Welcome to the RDP Couples Communication Course

The RDP Couples Communication Course is a 10 week step-by-step online experience for couples to gain valuable relationship skills in order to have a closer, more joyful relationship.

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to deeply listen to your partner
  • Express your thoughts and emotions in a helpful way 
  • Recognize and understand your patterns
  • Discover your needs and get them met 

Online Communication Course to Build Fulfilling Relationships

The RDP online communication course is a comprehensive 10-week course that’s designed to improve communication between partners and build a more fulfilling relationship. The course emphasizes the idea of understanding and expressing thoughts to strengthen the foundation.

Since communication is the key to improving any relationship, this online couples communication course prioritizes diving deeper, understanding patterns, and establishing better communication. Through this detailed course, you’ll get familiar with different time-tested techniques that lead to a more authentic and satisfying relationship.

Put in the Efforts to Develop a Healthier, Understanding, and more Passionate Relationship

Your relationship should not feel like a burden. Instead, it should contribute to your personal growth and provide you happiness.

The easiest way to improve your relationship is to work on your communication and share/understand each other’s thoughts and emotions. My online couples communication course is tailored to help couples break past barriers and understand how to strengthen their communication.

Here are a few of the additional benefits of joining this online relationship course.

  • Learn how to incorporate active listening into your relationship.
  • Build self-awareness and understand how to communicate your thoughts and emotions with your partner.
  • Recognize relationship patterns and learn how to overcome them to become a better partner in a relationship.
  • Learn the basic techniques of how to showcase your disagreement and communicate mindfully.
  • Discover your needs and how to get them met.

Course curriculum

This self-paced course is designed to do one module per week.

    1. Module 1 Video

    2. Module 1 Quiz

    1. Module 2 Video

    2. Module 2 Quiz

    1. Anger Iceberg

    2. Module 3 Video

    3. Module 3 Quiz

    1. Needs Sheet

    2. Module 4 Video

    3. Module 4 Quiz

    1. Negative Core Beliefs

    2. RDP Steps Worksheet

    3. Module 5 Video

    4. Module 5 Quiz

    1. Module 6 Video

    2. Module 6 Quiz

    1. RDP Steps Worksheet

    2. Module 7 Video

    3. Module 7 Quiz

    1. Negative Core Beliefs

    2. Needs

    3. Module 8 Video

    4. Module 8 Quiz

    1. RDP Steps Quick Reference

    2. Module 9 Video

    3. Module 9 Quiz

    1. Trouble Shooting

    2. Module 10 Video

    3. Module 10 Quiz


"We really appreciated how the RDP course started out with easy-to-learn, essential skills, then built as we progressed."

Heather W.

"So glad we pulled the trigger and took this couples course. The price was affordable and the course was very professional."

Jamal T.

"In just ten weeks my husband and I feel closer than we have in years. Dr. Robertson’s course was sometimes challenging but also fun."

Ariana S.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Access to the course is good for 6 months.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Free cancellation if within 7 days and you do not go past the fourth module. After going past the fourth module there is no refund.

  • Can I skip through the modules?

    No. The modules must be watched in order.

  • Can my partner and I get support with the course?

    Yes. Please see the Relationship Coaching page for more information about booking a session with Dr. Robertson.

  • Can I take the course if as an individual?

    Yes, the tools in this course are helpful even if you take it as an individual.