Deepen your Relationship with the RDP Couples Communication Course

A relationship course for everyone. Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs using easy to learn, powerful skills.

Hello, my name is Dr. Sean Robertson

To develop this course, I took my extensive knowledge of behavioral psychology and integrated it with the most effective couples approaches. This happened organically after working with clients throughout the last twelve years of my career. 

The result is a powerfully effective series called the RDP Couples Communication Course.  It is truly the best couples communication skills course on the market.  Each step will introduce a new skill, building up a very effective toolkit for couples to support each other through any challenge.

Couples start to see challenges as opportunities to get their needs met and improve their relationship. The course has been wildly successful and I encourage you to sign up and start building an even closer relationship with your partner.


"This course shined a light on the true reasons driving the conflicts my partner and I were having."

Felicia S.

"Taking the RDP Couples Communication Course really helped my partner and I figure out our deeper needs and how to translate them into something actionable."

Daniel M.

"The RDP Couples Communication Course saved our marriage. It gave us tools and confidence to navigate conflict. We are truly grateful!"

Lila J.